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BONAIR LLC. is engineering, trading and installation  company.

Field of our main activity is projecting (& installation) of constructional technological systems like ventilation, air conditioning, heating, central vacuum cleaning.

Our customers are mainly the Estonian and Finnish building companies, private house owners and manufacturers, who have a need to renovate the existing systems or build new ones.

We hope that the details that can be gained via this website give you the information that you need.
If you need more information then please do not hesitate to contact us.
Normal office hours are between 8am and 4pm  Monday to Friday.




30.03.2009   Bonair O started collaboration with SistemAir.

26.02.2009   Bonair O  meet requirments  "Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) issuer ".>>

05.01.2009   Bonair O provide thermographic camera service.

03.10.2008   Attended  Daikin   ALTHERMA heatpump installation course.>>

18.01.2008   Bonair O started collaboration with Auskay.

01.05.2007   Bonair O provide 3 year installation guaranee for all equipment.

17.01.2007   Bonair O started collaboration with  Disan.

13.11.2006  In collaboration with Institute of the Estonian Language  Bonair O improved technical terminology.

07.11.2006   Atended  Daikin   VRVII & VRVIII training.>>

03.09.2006   Gratitude from  MBK .>>

22.11.2005   Started up CVS at  Silikaat AS factory (Largest CVS system in Estonia).

01.02.2004   Continue collaboration with Eurovac' in new form.

01.11.2003   Bonair O started  Daikin equipment sales, installation and service in Estonia.